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Hello, I'm Zach Hawrot.

I write stories.

The Wild Adventure of Mitch and the Sand Bridge

Middle Grade

Being a teenager is hard. Losing your father...that's even harder. But getting invaded by a race of amphibious octopus while on a beach retreat to mourn the aforementioned that’s the hardest.


Screenplay or Pilot

When US domination lies in the unquestioned extermination of Americans sixty and older, CEO Benjamin Braverly learns of the murderous origins of the program his company is back-ending, leading him to run for his life and decide whether to leave his world behind or join the Resistance formed to bring it down.



Becoming an adult at 18 isn’t easy, especially when it involves police chases, sociopathic girlfriends, abandoned houses and mills, then finally a city-wide scavenger hunt — it’s not easy, but for Benji, it will have to do.

Doughnut Sunday


When church parishioners get fed up with the crime in their small town, they form a vigilante group, inflicting justice according to what the bible allows them - what could possibly go wrong?

Short Stories

Family and Fury

In a short story of survival, Family and Fury follows Riven, his injured wife, and three daughters as they rebuild their lives in the remote deep woods, far from the horrors that destroyed their village.

Riven dedicates himself to building a new home, forging weapons, and training to protect his loved ones while his daughters nurse their mother back to health.

Journey into these mystical woods and see for yourself if they are as safe as Riven hopes.

Huck's Little Adventure

In a nostalgic short story set in the Ohio Valley, follow little Huck as he adventures behind the scenes of a small town, lurking through backyards, parks, and woods, with no responsibility and only one rule — to go unnoticed so he can soak in the curious life around him until his porch light flickers on, signaling it’s time to return home.

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